What you can expect – Worship @ 9:30

When you enter St. John’s you know you are in a sacred place. It is the oldest continuous structure of worship in Montgomery County, founded with the town in 1813. Still, it was changed in many wonderful ways over the years.

These days, right in the back of the church, we have set up tables to welcome visitors.

If you come at 8:45 AM you can sit at those tables with a cup of coffee and ask your questions about faith and bible, especially about the bible readings you are going to hear that day.

Just before 9:30, the beautiful space is filled with music, and you are invited to put everything else aside and come into God’s presence. That reality shows up in so many different ways. Certainly a high point is Communion. After we reflect on Scripture, pray our prayers, confess our sins, we are invited to remember what Jesus did for us in those last days of his life. Remembering his death and resurrection, we are invited to participate in new and abundant life today.

Because we are celebrating the power of this love every Sunday, all baptized Christians are invited to receive at the Lord’s table, regardless of denomination or creed. Because we are trying to live into the power of that love, we invite everyone to come and see for themselves, and receive a blessing.

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